Orange Announces HTC Touch Pro2 With Straight Talk Feature

One of the global leading telecommunications operators, Orange has announced the launch of high-end HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone for business customers, which features 3.6-inch touchscreen display with 480 x 800 pixels resolution, 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, slide out full QWERTY keyboard with adjustable tilt for enhanced viewing, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HTC’s Straight Talk that able to switch from an email account to single or multi-party voice calls just by tapping the image icon of the email sender, based on Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 for seamless integration with business networks.


According to the release, “The HTC Touch Pro2 makes organising, hosting and participating in conference calls easier than ever before. The appointment reminder tool will cue up dial-in details and the call agenda and with a tap of the screen you can effortlessly join the call. Further taps to the screen allow the user to also confer privately with a single person and then return to the conference call if they so wish.”

HTC Touch Pro2 that incorporates zoom bar to precisely zoom in or out while viewing images, web sites or Google Maps can deliver crystal-clear, superior sound quality and voice reception thanks to its loudspeaker and dedicated noise-cancelling microphone.

“The HTC Touch Pro2 is packed with features to make everyday business tasks a great deal easier and is the ideal mobile companion for the busy business user,” said Fran├žois Mahieu, Director of Devices, Orange.

Hide News Updates of Casual Contacts in Facebook

It is well and good to keep in touch with friends via Facebook or other social networking sites, but being informed of their every move on the Net is rather trying on the soul. One does not need to know what prize a friend has just won in an online game, or which shopping website another friend has just visited. The news feed from Facebook can be rather annoying unless one is a stalker.

How can we silent the stream of news bombarding our senses every moment we’re online? Park the cursor to the right of a news feed item, and a Hide menu will appear. Click on that to hide all news generated from the particular game or quiz. Alternatively, you could hide all of a contact’s updates from your feed, especially if the person is not one your closest friends.