Free Download ‘Thriller’ Video – A Tribute To Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009 is a sad day for fans of world famous artist Michael Jackson. His sudden and unexpected demise stirred waves of sorrow and marked a deep spasm of loss for music lovers all over the world. Nevertheless his talent and legacy in music will never be forgotten. A talented American recording artist and entertainer, Michael Joseph Jackson was the subject of awe and subsequently ridicule in the later stage of his life. From a child to a legend, Michael Jackson lived out his life on the musical stage of the world and his songs have brought together people of various nationalities, beliefs and cultural backgrounds. The King of Pop may be gone but his music will live on.

In memory and tribute of this black man who stood tall as a giant in the world of entertainment, Microsoft has offer Xbox 360 owners who are Xbox Live subscribers free download of Michael Jackson famous classic track “Thriller”. The offer is free from 5 p.m. PDT Friday through the end of Sunday

Gyration Go Pro Air Mouse Works in Air

Movea has revealed its Gyration Go Pro Air Mouse. The Air Mouse, like its name, can be operated in the air with no wires and no tricks up to 30 meters away. Movea also emphasizes on its ergonomic ambidextrous design which allows more comfort during use. It makes the world a little easier to navigate as tagged by Movea.

Gyration Air MouseThe innovative MotionSense technology can intuitively translate hand movements to on screen motion. You can experience the in-air navigation with just a simple flick of your wrist. Besides, the user can choose to use the mouse on the desk like a standard wireless mouse. The Air Mouse is designed for ergonomic ambidexterity with right and left buttons. It is comfortable to hold with the hand even in mid air. It is easy to use and comes with 3 assignable buttons for user to control the application commands.

The Air Mouse comes with the Professional edition of GyroTools Software for Windows that allows the user to take control of the applications and give commands away from the computer with just a flick of the wrist. Once the software has been installed, the mouse functions like a plug-and-play device. Place the RF receiver in the USB port and press the connect buttons on the receiver and you’re ready to navigate. The wireless connection works with a 2.4GHz RF USB receiver without line-of-sight limitations and operates from a range of up to 100 feet (30m) away. You can relax on your sofa or bed to control your favorite music from the computer.

The Gyration Go Pro Air Mouse is available now for about $180.00

Capturing GPS Data with JOBO Photo GPS Geo Tagging Flash Shoe

Not all digital cameras come with built-in GPS receivers that enable users to easily geotag their photographs. That’s why German company JOBO AG introduced the new photoGPS, an add-on camera tool that allows user to capture and store GPS data and real address information easily.

jobo photo gps geo imaging

Geo-imaging and capturing geo-data with actual address has never been easier! Simply attach the JOBO photoGPS on your camera’s hot-shoe and start clicking away. PhotoGPS will automatically capture the relevant geo-data of each picture easily.

capturing jobo photo gps

And by using the advanced software that comes free with photoGPS, you can coordinate all those geo-data and your pictures effortlessly on the PC or laptop. Unlike those standard GPS logger, in addition to longitude and latitude data, JOBO photoGPS will also include the address (i.e. country, city, street) and closest point of interest in the image file. This enables you to search for specific places, streets or POI without having to tag each picture individually. And the best part is that the JOBO photoGPS works in nearly all countries worldwide.

jobo photo gps black

  • Recording time: approx. 0.2 sec
  • Storage capacity: approx. 1 000 recorded locations
  • Accuracy: approx. 10m
  • Geo-data: via Tele Atlas map material (country, city, street, POI)
  • Camera connection: standard hot-shoe (ISO 518:2006)
  • Supported file formats: JPEG, RAW with XMP sidecar file
  • Power supply: internal rechargeable Li-poly battery (120 mAh)
  • Status information: via 2 LEDs
  • PC connection: USB 2.0
  • Battery charging: via USB 2.0
  • GeoHint button
  • Supported operating systems: Windows XP (SP2) and Vista (SP1), MAC (Intel Processor)
  • Dimensions: 68 x 20 x 43 mm (excl. adapter)
  • Weight: 80g
  • Incl. USB cable, CD-ROM with photoGPS matching software, organiser and viewing software

JOBO photoGPS is available thru at $155 each with free software for matching, organising and viewing of photographs.

Colour Picker Concept Pen by Korean Jinsun Park

Korean artist and designer, Jinsun Park, has designed a concept pen that adapts Photoshop’s eyedropper tool into our reality world. Just scan and the pen will ink out the exact colour for use.

colour picker pen green

At the tip of this pen is a sensor camera that captures a complex, real world colour. Then, like an inkjet printer, a micro processor in the pen will calculates the mixture of red, green and blue ink needed to replicate the color photographed by the camera. Ink with the perfect proportions then flows out of the ball point on the other end of the pen tip.


As for now, this pen stands as a concept only (no prototype yet), but it is likely to create shockwaves in the world of digital design, especially if Jinsun Park can include CMYK inks instead of RGB. With technology getting more advanced, we could be using this Color Picker pen sooner, rather than later.

colour picker pen concept

VideoMate Network Media Centre

Compro Technology, the leading Taiwanese company in developing and manufacturing PC based TV tuners and data broadcast receiver products, has introduced its VideoMate Network Media Centre T1000W. The T1000W is an all-in-one home entertainment device that acts like a media server to store your movies, music, photos, a digital media player, a DVB-T tuner and a digital video recorder.

The VideoMate Network Media Centre T1000W contains an innovative operating system and a powerful processor as claimed by Compro Technology. The system is able to produce brilliant and vivid 1080P Full HD movies output, decoding and recording of MPEG-2 or H.264 digital TV streams. If you prefer an excellent movie output to your LCD or plasma TV, HDMI is the preferred digital connection to ensure zero distortion during the transfer.
The T1000W features 10/100 LAN capability and clutter-free wireless network. This enables effortless sharing and transferring of files within your home network and cable-free Internet connection. A high-quality remote control comes together with the VideoMate Network Media Centre equipped with 50-keys for control from the comfort of your couch while you’re enjoying your digital entertainment. In terms of storage, the T1000W has the most superior storage solution – Serial ATA interface which offers light-speed data transfer and fool-proof connectors.

Its L-shape outfit design comes with a silver sleek bodyline that gives an innovative and unique impression. The innovative convection air flow system keeps the device cool without any fan and enables it to operate in silent mode. The VideoMate Network Media Centre T1000W is available now in UK at around £200 through Scan Computers, CCL Online, Micro Direct, Aria, eBuyer, Xenex, CPC, Maplin and Overclockers.

Sprint Unveiled Samsung Exclaim M550 Dual Slider with Full QWERTY

For those who love instant access to text messaging and social networking websites while on the go, the new Samsung Exclaim M550 dual slider mobile phone by Sprint will definitely appease you.

Samsung Exclaim M550

The Samsung Exclaim SPH M550 is designed with a unique dual-slider design providing the ultimate flexibility between a spacious, full QWERTY keyboard and 12-key numeric keypad. Loaded on the One Click box carousel in the main display are buttons to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and many more, so you can have access to them instantly with a single press.

Samsung Exclaim M550 raspberryExclaim M550 is a multitasking machine, allowing users to listen to their favorite songs while surfing the Internet, receiving email, instant messaging with friends or playing games.

Exclaim M550 also features a 2.0 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth capabilities and can support up to 32GB of external memory (via MicroSD) for storage of music, pictures, video and more.

This sleek Samsung phone which comes in two choices of colours, Raspberry and Blueberry, also has built-in GPS that will support Sprint Navigation’s turn-by-turn driving directions and traffic rerouting.


  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 4.5 x 0.7 inches; 4.7 ounces
  • Display: 2.6″ TFT (240 x 320 pixels and 262K vibrant colors)
  • Standard Lithium (LiIon) battery: up to 4.75 hours continuous talk time*


  • One Click Access to social networking sites
  • Integrated music/media player
  • Sprint TV with an extensive selection of live and on-demand programming
  • Sprint Music StoreSM allowing users to wirelessly download full-length songs directly to their phone for just 99 cents each
  • Several streaming-radio applications, including Sprint Radio with more than 150 channels
  • Available in raspberry or blueberry

Samsung Exclaim M550 raspberry qwerty


  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Text messaging (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging (MMS) support
  • Sprint Navigation with GPS-enabled turn-by-turn driving directions, traffic rerouting and more than 10 million local listings
  • Web browser capabilities
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Calendar synchronization access to Microsoft Exchange Server
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and video camcorder
  • Sprint Picture Mail
  • Advanced Stereo Bluetooth® Wireless Technology with audio caller ID
  • Access to Corporate and POP3 email including AOL, Gmail and Yahoo!
  • External memory storage (MicroSD) up to 32GB

JVC Unveils Latest HA-NCX78 Noise-Cancelling Headphones For iPhone

The new JVC HA-NCX78 headphones designed for iPhone users (also compatible to the new iPhone 3GS) features several noise-reduction technologies that will not only reduce ambient noise but also other unwanted noises generated by cord friction, blowing winds and electrical noise.

JVC HA NCX78 noise cancelling headphones

JVC has built into the HA-NCX78 headphones with a superior noise canceling technology up to 18.5dB at 200Hz, while maintaining excellent user comfort and outstanding sound quality. This makes the HA-NCX78 an excellent choice for enjoying your favorite music, minus all those distraction by environmental noises.

JVC HA NCX78 which weighs only 1.3oz comes with a neodymium magnet type headphones and is powered by a single AAA battery (DC 1.5V), capable of supporting up to approximately 50 hours. HA-NCX78 is available at online JVC Stores for $79.95.


Notable Features

  • Multi noise-reduction system reduces 88% ambient noise, electrical noise, friction noise on the cord and wind noise
  • Detachable soft ear loop for secure over-the-ear cord style
  • Monitor function on/off allows you to hear surrounding sound without taking ear-set off
  • Memory foam and three sizes of silicon earpieces for comfortable fitting
  • 50h long battery life
  • 4.9ft (1.5m) cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug
  • Carrying pouch, dual plug adapter for in-flight use, earpieces, ear loops, and AAA battery x 1 included

IOGEAR USB Laptop KVM Switch

If you have more than one computer, either laptop or desktop, you might look for a solution that enables to connect two computers for easy working or file transferring. IOGEAR’s USB Laptop KVM Switch combined hardware and software solution that allows users to connect two computers via USB without any software or program installations.

Iogear KVM Switch

Key features of the USB Laptop KVM Switch

  1. Control and work on two computers (laptop-to-laptop, PC-to-PC, or laptop-to-PC) conveniently at the same time from one computer as a console.
  2. Built-in File Transfer Utility in the switch for backing up, updating and transferring files effortlessly between the connected computers without installation of any software in the computers.
  3. The portable USB 2.0 cable design comes with a total length of nine feet USB cable (three feet on one end and six on the other end).
  4. Desktop Image Scaling resizes your desktop image automatically onto your screen.
  5. User-friendly on-screen toolbar with multiple functions for file transfer, desktop image scaling and others.
  6. An extra USB 2.0 port is provided at the switch for USB devices such as a printer or an external storage drive.
  7. Easy to use with ‘Plug & Play’ and no power adapter is needed.
  8. Support Windows XP and Vista operating systems.
The USB Laptop KVM Switch is available now at about USD$75

Affordable Dell Vostro 1220 Notebook With Ultra Portability And Business-Minded Security Options

Dell has expanded Vostro laptop family with its new affordable 12.1-inch Dell Vostro 1220 notebook, which combines ultra-portability, mainstream performance and long-lasting battery life in a small package without luxury price that undo your budget, offering a host of business-minded security options to help keep business travelers focused on business.

Dell Vostro 1220

“This trend supports what Dell has been hearing from our customers,” said Sam Burd, global vice president, Dell Small and Medium Business. “Today’s globe-trotting entrepreneurs need a laptop that is powerful and long-lasting. That used to mean carrying around an ungainly device, the Vostro 1220 combines performance, built-in security and long battery life with useful features like videoconferencing to be the ideal weapon of choice for any road warrior.”

Highlights of Dell Vostro 1220:

  • 12.1-inch Widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800 pixels) TrueLife display or optional Anti-Glare Premium LED display
  • Up to Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9900 (3.06 GHz, 6 MB L2 cache, 1066 MHz FSB)
  • Up to 8GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Optional built-in 1.3MP camera with digital microphone, Dell Webcam Central and Dell Video Chat software
  • 4-cell battery or optional 6-cell 60 WHr Lithium Ion battery supports up to 9 hours of battery life
  • Next generation 802.11 draft-n wireless LAN or optional Mobile Broadband external solution
  • Security options including comfortable, spill-resistant keyboard, fingerprint reader with DigitalPersona software and hard-disk data encryption (TPM, FDE or Wave)
  • Lightweight design for easy transport – Starting at just 1.52kg
The new stylish and compact Dell Vostro 1220 laptop that arrives in Obsidian Black or Deep Cherry Red colours is now available for a starting price of $799

Gear4 ChargeDock for iPhone and iPod

Gear4, the Mac accessory maker has introduced a docking station for iPod and iPhone named ChargeDock. It is a great docking station either in its outfit design or its functionality. Its curved edge with a black body gives a stylish and sleek modern look. In terms of functionality, the ChargeDock is both ‘Made for iPod’ and ‘Works with iPhone’ certified.

The ChargeDock is a small and portable device that enables to sync and charge both iPod and iPhone wherever you choose to use it. It comes with a USB sync cable for syncing with your computer’s iTunes library without removing your iPhone from the dock. For charging purposes, you have options to charge your iPhone or iPod while it is docked with the included AC power supply, or taking power from your Mac via USB.

The package comes with UK and EU plugs for your convenience in use at home or traveling. The ChargeDock also comes with a series of dock adapters to ensure it is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod, iPod Nano 4G, iPod Nano 3G, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Classic models.

The ChargeDock is available at £39.99 from Gear4’s online store.

Orange Announces HTC Touch Pro2 With Straight Talk Feature

One of the global leading telecommunications operators, Orange has announced the launch of high-end HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone for business customers, which features 3.6-inch touchscreen display with 480 x 800 pixels resolution, 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, slide out full QWERTY keyboard with adjustable tilt for enhanced viewing, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HTC’s Straight Talk that able to switch from an email account to single or multi-party voice calls just by tapping the image icon of the email sender, based on Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 for seamless integration with business networks.


According to the release, “The HTC Touch Pro2 makes organising, hosting and participating in conference calls easier than ever before. The appointment reminder tool will cue up dial-in details and the call agenda and with a tap of the screen you can effortlessly join the call. Further taps to the screen allow the user to also confer privately with a single person and then return to the conference call if they so wish.”

HTC Touch Pro2 that incorporates zoom bar to precisely zoom in or out while viewing images, web sites or Google Maps can deliver crystal-clear, superior sound quality and voice reception thanks to its loudspeaker and dedicated noise-cancelling microphone.

“The HTC Touch Pro2 is packed with features to make everyday business tasks a great deal easier and is the ideal mobile companion for the busy business user,” said Fran├žois Mahieu, Director of Devices, Orange.

Hide News Updates of Casual Contacts in Facebook

It is well and good to keep in touch with friends via Facebook or other social networking sites, but being informed of their every move on the Net is rather trying on the soul. One does not need to know what prize a friend has just won in an online game, or which shopping website another friend has just visited. The news feed from Facebook can be rather annoying unless one is a stalker.

How can we silent the stream of news bombarding our senses every moment we’re online? Park the cursor to the right of a news feed item, and a Hide menu will appear. Click on that to hide all news generated from the particular game or quiz. Alternatively, you could hide all of a contact’s updates from your feed, especially if the person is not one your closest friends.