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    "But it’s no accident that Southern California veteran custom bike builder, Johnny Pag has now brought home from China a new motorcycle, the Spyder 250, that just might take the Ultimate Most Bang for the Buck Award. While the bike is assembled in China, specifically at a 650,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant near the city of Wenzhou, its design is definitely Made in America, all components drafted up by Johnny to his exacting specifications, and not by e-mail or telephone. Johnny’s a hands-on kind of guy and spent six months out of the year working on location in China on the project. His son, JR, joined him on the long distance work commute and in fact began taking Chinese language lessons."

Buell Street Fighter: A Chopper Profile

Having seen his share of long-legged choppers, John Dawson decided to build a machine that was the polar opposite of the traditional custom. He wanted to put a torquey V-twin engine in a bike that handled as good as it looked. Thus, Buell Street Fighter was born.

Buell Street Fighter Chopper
Buell Street Fighter is a custom chopper with a
modified version of a Harley-Davidson
Sportster engine. See more

Eric Buell founded the company that bears his name in the late 1980s on very much the same idea. He took Harley-Davidson Sportster engines and mounted them in exotic sport-style chassis, which resulted in bikes that were decidedly different than anything then being offered.

Since that time, the Sportster engines Buell uses have been treated to significant changes that result in greatly increased power, but the chassis designs remain that of a high-riding "crotch rocket" sportbike.

So what John Dawson did was take a Buell motorcycle and swap its tall, sportbike chassis for a low-slung hardtail frame by MC Worx. The original Buell forks and brakes were refitted, and John adapted a host of new hardware to create a low-slung bullet. Chief among them is a small bikini fairing incorporating twin headlights.

The result is a machine that bridges the rather wide gap between sportbikes and choppers. But in simplicity of design and unique treatment, John just did Eric Buell one better.

Buell Street Fighter Chopper Specifications
  • Year: 2004
  • Class: Pro Street
  • Owner: John Dawson
  • Builder: John Dawson
  • Model: Buell Street Fighter
  • Frame: MC Worx
  • Forks: Buell, inverted
  • Rake: 32 degrees
  • Rear susp.: Hardtail
  • Front wheel: PMSR, 18-inch
  • Front brake: Buell, disc
  • Rear wheel: PMSR, 18-inch
  • Rear tire: 240 mm
  • Rear brake: Buell, disc
  • Engine: 74-cubic-inch Buell
  • Exhaust: John Dawson
  • Trans.: Buell, 5-speed
  • Paint by: Greg Garcia
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Buell Street Fighter Chopper

Buell Street Fighter is the opposite of conventional customs, with a powerful engine and sporty frame. Below are more pictures and details of this champion chopper.

Buell Street Fighter Chopper
The Buell Street Fighter's 1200-cc Buell V-twin
is a hopped-up version of a Harley-Davidson
Sportster engine and received numerous
upgrades to enhance performance even more.

Buell Street Fighter Chopper
Short, “open” exhaust pipes delete the Buell Street
Fighter’s muffler, cutting weight and back-pressure.

Buell Street Fighter Chopper
The MC Worx hardtail frame eliminates the Buell
Street Fighter's complex rear suspension.