Bajaj Pulsar 300cc

Pulsar 300 cc is not reality at all and atleast the one you see in picture around the net is not pulsar 300.

There are talks that Bajaj may launch Pulsar 250 cc next with v-twin engine.

Here is the pic of one I see often referred as Bajaj Pulsar 300cc

This one is another one ..

I read at some site that it is indeed a real bike from Bajaj but that is for 125 cc named cosmic or something similar !

Bajaj Pulsar 300cc

During a conversion about new bikes in India, my friend was talking about Bajaj, India’s largest and world fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer revolutionary in India. Frankly speaking I am no fan of Bajaj Products I always believe in companies like TVS, Yamaha and Honda when it comes to biking.

Talking about my friend who alerted me about Bajaj’s upcoming release of a new powerful biking which is probably the BAJAJ PULSAR 300CC. At first it was 100CC then 120,150,180,200 and now its 220cc.

So now a 300 cc bike for Indian roads? Are we power drivers? Already Price of fuel is sky rocketing while traffic in parallel increases. Soon I went through a research over internet about Bajaj launching the new 300cc bike to confirm the news.

At last I concluded it is PURELY HOAX. Bajaj has officially not announced any plans to launch 300cc right now in India. So if you come across any news about it then it’s completely one of false gossips.


Above is the picture of Virtual stimulated photography of Pulsar claiming to be 300cc bike from Bajaj.

Honda CBF Stunner

Now, it’s not exactly as I expected it to be, is the new 125 from Honda, the CBF Stunner – 11bhp, 11Nm of torque, hydraulic shocks, analog meters and regular lamps.

But where it does leave the rest of the 125s behind is in the styling stakes – it does look like a more modern Karizma really with its half front faring et al. it also gets tubeless tyres and split seats.

It is what Honda calls a sporty 125 designed to appeal to the boys in their late teens – so it gets rearset footpegs and a toe-only gear shifter. One of my colleagues rode the bike and said it doesn’t feel as fast as Honda quotes it to be - 0-60kmph in 5.2 seconds. He also mentioned it should compare well with the Gladiator in terms of performance, ride as well as handling.

More on the bike is a weeks time.. till then here are the specs from the bike’s brochure.

The New TVS FLAME Bike

The TVS Company’s is battle with the Bajaj Auto ltd, to over come the usage of new bikes in India.The company has started selling the new bike ‘Flame’ in all over India.The ex-showroom price of Flame has been fixed at Rs 48,000 in Hyderabad with disc brakes as an option.
“This is the highest technology product in the country. A three-valve bike has been rolled out earlier, but this is for the first time that a mass market roll-out is happening,” said Venu Srinivasan, Chairman and Managing Director, TVS Motor.

As per the Indian Driving Cycle (IDC) claim and Indian road condition the bike mileage of 82 km per liter. TVS Motor said that it has fixed target of 20,000 bikes to be sold every month once the bike is launched countrywide.

Honda Stunner

The ‘125 cc and above’ segment of motorcycles seems to be growing in India. The latest addition to the segment has been made by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India. It unveiled its new model - Honda CBF Stunner, in New Delhi, on 30th June 2008. The 125 cc bike boasts 11bhp at 8000rpm, along with a torque of 11nm at 6500rpm. If that wasn’t enough, the company claims that CBF Stunner is one of the fastest 125cc motorcycles in India
It can go from standstill position to 60kmph, within a time frame of merely .2 seconds. The motorcycle has been loaded with excellent features, like front and rear tubeless tyres, alloys, half fairing and stepped up seat. Equipped with air-cooled four stroke engine, it also has raised suspension at the back. This has led to CBF Stunner being counted amongst the most attractive as well as the most loaded 125cc bikes in India.

The only problem with the bike is that the tachometer is missing. Honda CBF Stunner comes in three variants. One of them is kick start, with drum brake and alloy wheels, which will have a launch price of Rs. 47,070. Then, there is the one that has self start, with drum brake and alloy wheels, launched at a price of Rs. 49,820. The top of the end, and third, model is self start, with disc brake and alloy wheels, which will have Rs. 51,655 as its launch price. All the prices are ex. showroom Delhi.Rs 58,000 as its launch price in Hyderabad.and company giving 60kmpl millage.

Engine Specifications

125cc, Air Cooled
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
5 Speed
Cooling Type
Air Cooling
0 to 60 kmph
5.20 seconds

2012.00 mm
734.00 mm

Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i

Engine Displacement: 150cc

Maximum power: 14.1ps @ 8500rpm

Maximum tourque: 12.8NM @ 6500rpm