Motorcycle Choppers - A Gallery of Chopper Pictures

Pictures of motorcycle choppers

Since people like to look at motorcycle chopper pictures, I have created a picture gallery of motorcycle choppers as submitted by visitors to this site. This Chopper Gallery begins with pictures and descriptions previously submitted to me. Going forward, any chopper picture submissions made to my Moto Pics gallery will also go in the Chopper Gallery.

Motorcycle chopper picture

Choppers are motorcycles that have had various parts "chopped off" to create a lighter, faster, more stylish machine that also more closely fits the personality and lifestyle of its owner. Choppers have been around a long time. Their first influence was felt in the 1960s. However, recently, there has been more interest in choppers since certain TV shows have figured out a way to make the creation of choppers a form of home entertainment. Read my article, Choppers, for more information.

yamaha fz6 cool bike

is a 600 cc motorcycle that was introduced in 2004 as a budget middleweight sport bike built around the 2003 YZF R6 engine. The engine is retuned for more usable midrange power. It comes with a somewhat soft suspension that makes it easy on beginners and very well suited for sport-touring, commuting, or just having fun on curvy mountain roads.
yamaha fz6 faster
yamaha fz6 faster
yamaha fz6 faster
yamaha fz6 tuning
yamaha fz6 fazer
yamaha fz6 fazer
yamaha fz6 motorcycle pic
yamaha fz6 faster motorcycle pic
yamaha fz6 faster swingarm
yamaha fz6 faster swingarm

Motorcycle Shelby: 150bhp musclebike in production now!

The 150bhp Motorcycle Shelby. Drop the hammer now...

We first spoke of the Shelby musclebike back in February this year, when Carroll Shelby International and Rucker Performance unveiled their bike at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo. Well, the bike is all set to go into production now and out of the 25 units that will be built, five have already been ordered.

Carroll Shelby, who won the 1959 Le Mans 25 Hours race, is a legend in the world of American high-performance cars. But this bike – called the Motorcycle Shelby – is his first two-wheeled creation. The bike is fitted with a fuel-injected, 2100cc, S&S X-Wedge v-twin, which produces about 150 horsepower.

Sure, it won't corner, but in a straight line, even an R1 might have trouble keeping up with it, especially if the Shelby has the optional supercharger installed...

Billed as ‘An incredible high performance American motorcycle which rivals the power to weight ratio of the famed Shelby Cobra 427 S/C,’ the Motorcycle Shelby is being built by Rucker Performance, under license by Carroll Shelby. The bike is being fitted with high-spec components, including USD forks, ceramic brake rotors, air-assisted suspension, carbonfibre wheels, an electric gearshift system, and body panels made of carbonfibre and aluminium. And yes, buyers will be able to have the bike painted the way they want.

While the Shelby bike, which weighs 275 kilos, will never corner like a GSX-R, we suppose it’ll offer ample straight line performance, which is what many American motorcyclists want. And for those want more than 150 horsepower, there’s a Procharger supercharger on the options list, which should boost power to at least 180bhp or more!

BMW K1300S, R and GT expected in 2009

In 2009, BMW could be taking on the Hayabusa and ZZR1400 with the new K1300S

According to a report on Solomoto, BMW are working on the next iteration of the K1200S – the K1300S. BMW are expected to show the new K1300S alongside the S1000RR superbike, at the INTERMOT and/or the EICMA show later this year. The company is also likely to unveil the K1300R and K1300GT variants at the same time.

The K1300S will be fitted with a new 1300cc inline-four, which is expected to produce around 180 horsepower. The bike will keep the Duolever front suspension and shaft-drive/single-sided swingarm from the K1200S, but the suspension is likely to be much more refined, and will offer more adjustability.

In terms of styling, we wouldn’t expect anything radical – an evolution of the K1200S lines seems more likely. The same would be true for the K1300R, K1300R Sport and K1300GT, all of which will use the new 1300cc engine and an evolution of their respective styling. And, yes, BMW are also expected to show the new F800R at the INTERMOT/EICMA shows.

More details coming soon…

Higgins-Aubé show the Energya trike

The Energya three-wheeled concept, a high-performance 'motomobile'

The Canada-based Higgins-Aubé Inc. has released these images of its new three-wheeled concept, the Energya. According to Higgins-Aubé, the Energya is a lightweight, high-performance ‘motomobile’ that’ll have the capacity to seat two passengers and offer supercar levels of performance at a fraction of the price.

The Energya is, essentially, the work of two men – Martin Aubé and Danny Higgins. The former is an industrial designer who also holds degrees in aeronautics and art history, while the latter is a professional mechanical engineer with a masters degree in aerospace engineering. Both are motorcyclists as well car enthusiasts, and share a passion for off-beat, path breaking vehicles.

Powered by a motorcycle engine that drives the single rear wheel, the Energya has been designed to behave like an open-wheeled racecar. ‘The vehicle features a distinctive, cutting-edge aggressive design that reflects its level of performance,’ say Higgins-Aubé.

A turbocharged ZZR1400 engine should be just the thing for this trike...

Apart from the motorcycle engine (may we suggest a turbocharged Kawasaki ZZR1400 unit?), the Energya concept has a six-speed sequential manual transmission, aluminum chassis, and inboard front suspension that uses superposed unequal A-arms. ‘Particular attention has been paid to reducing the weight of each component, in order to produce a vehicle that conveys a dynamically thrilling experience,’ claim its creators.

Higgins-Aubé wish to use a 200bhp four-cylinder motorcycle engine for the Energya, which will propel the 350-kilo vehicle from zero to 100km/h in under four seconds. Given appropriate financial backing, production units of the Energya motomobile could hit the market within 18 months, says a company press release.

In the near future, Higgins-Aubé also hope to create a high-performance battery-powered electric variant of the Energya.

World Superbikes: Max Biaggi to join Aprilia in 2009

Biaggi, who won three 250cc GP world championships with Aprilia in the mid-1990s, will again race for Aprilia in 2009 and 2010, in World Superbikes. Go for it Max!

Some pics of Max over the years, racing for Aprilia, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Ducati

Yes, the long-standing rumour has now been confirmed – Max ‘The Roman Emperor’ Biaggi is joining Aprilia and he will be riding the RSV 4 in 2009 and 2010. According to some Italian newspaper reports, Biaggi, who won three world championships in the 250cc GP class with Aprilia in the mid-1990s, has re-signed with Aprilia for about US$1.5 million.

Now 37 years old, Max is a seasoned campaigner, having raced two-stroke 125s, 250s and 500s, and four-stroke 990s in MotoGP, before moving to World Superbikes, riding for Suzuki in 2007 and then Ducati this year. As a bike racer, his talent is redoubtable, though it’s often been said that Biaggi can be whimsy and eccentric when things are not going his way.

Should Aprilia have gone with a younger rider? In his late-30s, does Biaggi still have it in him to win races on a brand-new bike, which is likely to require a fair bit of development work before it can start winning? Well, all will be revealed next year. But in the meanwhile, we do wish him all the very best for 2009 – go out there Max and show ’em you can still do it!

A video of Max Biaggi's glory days in the 250cc GP class, with Aprilia

Amir Glinik’s Ferrari motorcycle fantasy

Amir Glinik's vision of what a Ferrari motorcycle would look like...

A Ferrari motorcycle. Sounds good, doesn’t it? When you look at some of their fabulous supercars, a Ferrari motorcycle is good to fantasize about. Some, like Amir Glinik, take it a step further and actually design a Ferrari motorcycle concept – the bike you see here.

Glinik actually started researching his Ferrari motorcycle project back in 2005, worked on some of the sketches in 2006 and has been updating and evolving the project ever since. ‘Vintage and modern Ferrari projects influence my design. It’s a mix of what I find to be the best Ferrari lines, with the latest technology I could think of in terms of the engine and driveline,’ says Glinik.

‘When you think of a Ferrari motorcycle, you probably imagine a V12 hanging between two wheels, but that was not my idea. For me, it was slicing a V4 out of one of the bigger Ferrari engines,’ says Glinik, who’s used an imaginary V4 based on the Ferrari Enzo’s mighty V12.

Hmmm… as flights of fancy go, this one is, frankly, terrible. It's probably the worst looking concept bike we've ever seen, to be honest. Sketching a Ferrari motorcycle may be more emotionally fulfilling than surfing the Internet for porn, but really, Glinik needs to find another hobby…

For those two or three people who might be interested, you can get more details on Amir Glinik’s Ferrari bike project here. You may also want to have a look at this one-off Ferrari bike put together by an enthusiast, and this 1:12 scale Ferrari FXX motorcycle.

And this is the real thing, a proper Ferrari motorcycle that was officially sanctioned as a tribute to Enzo Ferrari. The bike was built by Kay Engineering and is fitted with a 900cc, four-cylinder, DOHC, air-cooled engine. It was up for sale some time ago, and the asking price was about US$500,000. A bit much, we think, for something that would get its ass kicked by a stock Fireblade...

And if Ferrari can build a bike, why not Lamborghini? This is the Lamborghini Design 90, which was built in the mid-1980s. More details here


2009 Ducati 1198 and 1198S confirmed!

The 2009 Ducati 1198 will use a less expensive version of the 1098R's engine...

According to a report on Hell for Leather, Ducati are ready with the 1198 for 2009. The bike is expected to use the 1098R’s engine (which already displaces 1198cc), but perhaps with some of its components replaced with less expensive, less exotic bits.

The Ducati 1198’s engine is also likely to be in a lower state of tune compared with the 1098R’s engine and is expected to produce about 170 horsepower – 10bhp down on the 1098R. The base model 1198 will cost around US$16,500 while the 1198S – with higher-spec suspension and electronic traction control – may be closer to US$21,000.

The 2009 Ducati 1198 will be lighter than the current 1098 and may get minor styling updates as well. Apart from this, Ducati are also expected to release a Monster 1100S for 2009, which will get high-spec Öhlins suspension, and a brand-new super-naked which will be fitted with the .

First pics: 2008 Kawasaki ZX-6R, ER-6n, Versys 650, Z1000 and Z750!

New paintjobs for the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R...

(From left) The 2008 ZX-6R is also available in blue and black, the 2008 ER-6n goes green and the 2008 Z750 gets a black painted engine and chassis

After the 2008 ZX-10R, pictures of which we posted earlier in the day, here are the 2008 ZX-6R, ER-6n, Z750, Versys 650 and Z1000 (see below) models. Kawasaki have released these pictures, which show new colours and graphics, but other details are not yet available. We doubt if any of these bikes have got as radical a makeover as the ZX-10R, but we should know for sure in another day or three...

The new Z1000 looks the best of the 2008 Kawasaki lot...
More 2008 Kawasaki pics on Motoblog,
The 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650

For entry level sportsbike riders, this is the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Blade Watch: 1992 Honda CBR900RR vs 2008 Honda CBR1000RR

From 1992 to 2008, it's been 15 long years of evolution for the Honda Fireblade...

With the 2008 Honda CBR1000RR, the Fireblade has completed 15 years, and still continues to evolve and improve. The first FireBlade came out in 1992, and as the lore goes, the bike was an absolute revelation for its time. The earlier Honda CBR1000F weighed 235kg and had about 130bhp. The CBR900RR weighed only 185 kilos dry, and its 892cc inline-four made 124bhp at 10,500rpm. The tone was set for a lighter, sportier and better handling machine.

Created by Tadao Baba, then a ‘Large Project Leader’ at Honda, the first FireBlade followed his ‘Total Control’ ethos. Rather than just brute force, the first CBR900RR was designed to work as a cohesive whole, and it did. Compared with bikes like the Yamaha FZR1000 and YZF1000R, Kawasaki ZX-11 and ZX-9R, and Suzuki GSX-R750 and GSX-R1100, the FireBlade was lighter, sharper, often quicker, and definitely more responsive. The first FireBlade did the standing quarter-mile (400m) in 10.8 seconds, hit a top speed of about 245km/h, and right away made everything else look and feel old and ponderous.

Between 1992 and 2003, the FireBlade's power output climbed from 124bhp to 155bhp
FireBlade pic on the left: London Bikers

Between 1996 and 2002, the FireBlade got various updates, with engine capacity going from 893cc to 918cc to 929cc and finally 954cc. Power went up from the original 128bhp to 155bhp, weight dropped from 185 kilos to 168kg, and top speed went from 245km/h to 270km/h. Over the years, the ’Blade also got bits like a USD front fork, 17-inch front wheel (in place of the 16-inch original, which apparently caused problems with high speed stability), new bodywork, and fuel-injection.

Opinions are divided over the 'Blade's styling evolution. We think the 1992 original looks the coolest!

The 900-series FireBlade was discontinued after 2003, with Honda launching the CBR1000RR in 2004. But we’ll fast forward to 2008, when Honda again introduced the most radically redesigned Fireblade in years. The 2008 CBR1000RR looks completely different from its immediate predecessor, and while we still think the new styling looks awkward from some angles, there is apparently substance below the skin.

The 2008 Fireblade is, of course, a better machine than the 1992 original. But the 1992 model was probably funkier, more cutting-edge for its time

The 2008 Fireblade’s all-new 999cc inline-four features dual-stage fuel-injection, controlled by an ECU that provides two separate fuel-injection and ignition maps for each of the engine’s four cylinders. The engine makes 178 horsepower at 12,000rpm – not too bad for a motorcycle that weighs 199 kilos. No wonder then that the current ’Blade’s top speed is in the region of 290km/h, and it’ll do the standing quarter-mile (400m) in just 10.2 seconds.

The new one is packed with electronics and technology, but the old one is still a beast...

As you’d expect, the 2008 Fireblade has all the correct bits and pieces – slipper clutch, close-ratio six-speed gearbox, twin-spar aluminum chassis, aluminum-alloy hollow-spoke wheels, monobloc radial-mount four-piston front brake calipers, 43mm USD front fork, Unit Pro-Link rear suspension, and Honda’s latest HESD electronic steering damper.

The engine has titanium intake valves, the pistons get molybdenum coating and the cylinders are Nikasil-coated. The stubby little exhaust is tucked down low, MotoGP-style, and signals the end of the underseat exhaust era.

The one on the left looks completely over the top, the 2008 model is more subdued

Compare the 1992 original with the 2008 Fireblade, and you have to admit that the current model isn’t nearly as radical, as pathbreaking as the first CBR900RR was in its time. The new bike has an engine that 100cc larger and 54bhp more powerful. It’s also packed with cutting-edge electronics and the suspension and brakes are in a different league altogether.

On the other hand, the new Fireblade is also about 15kg heavier than the 1992 CBR900RR, and while hugely competent, it didn’t make everything else look completely outdated when it was launched. So, we’d say that in terms of being radical and breaking new ground in sportsbike tech, the 1992 FireBlade probably has the latest one beaten by some margin. Now, Honda, next year how about an 800cc V4-powered 200bhp Fireblade, that weighs 170kg and does 320km/h…

First pics: 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n and ER-6f

The Kawasaki ER-6n and ER-6f get styling updates and new colours

The 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n and ER-6f get some styling updates, new instrumentation, and mildly tweaked engines for more consistent low- and mid-range power delivery. Both bikes are powered by the same 650cc parallel twin, which produces 72bhp at 8,500rpm. metallic orange,