World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 2

Some cars do very well without wheels, some do not require an engine, some positively hate the driver and are extremely not-user friendly, some - we aren't even sure that they can be called "cars". In all cases, they get around and will get you somewhere (and in a few cases they move even better than traditional vehicles) So pick your favorites and marvel at the audacity of engineering of "The World's Weirdest Cars & Bikes" - Part Two.

Peugeot Design Competitions

One of the most active firms in automotive design is Peugeot, whose fabulous design competitions yield most unusual concept cars, year after year.

2000 Peugeot VrooMster:

"Peugeot Moonster" is the most radical concept, chosen in a design competition in 2001. Marko Lukovic won the competition. Just looking at this car is an experience in itself.

UPDATE: this one is M-505 Adams Brothers Probe 16, made in 1969. It was used in Staley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" movie. (thanks, jAzzndre)

Interesting Toyota concept vehicles

Not really cars, but mechanized mobility suits "i-foot" and "i-unit". The units can climb the stairs and are part of “The Wonders of Living and Moving Freely” and “The New Relationship Between People and Vehicles” exhibits.

Eliica - very fast electric car

This Japanese car runs on a lithium-ion battery and is able to reach a speed of 370 km/h (230 mph). The car has eight wheels for better traction, aerodynamic shape and takes 10 hours to fully charge the battery from your usual residential plug.

Art Cars

Modification for the sake of art. Or because they can. Or simply "because".
Sunflower art car (picture of 2002 Houston Art Car Parade entry):

Austin art car "monstrosity":

Giant bug art car:

Skull art car at "Burning man" event 2002:

Dave Major and his "Aero Car": (more info)

Dave Major's "Aerocar 2" (or "Propellor Car")

Speaking about propeller-driven cars, here is one: please help to identify.

Another cute one:
"Taylor AeroCar III" (1965)

"Finjet" - Argentinian art car made from 3 Mercedes station wagons.

"Phantoms" by WT Burge of Houston Texas:
(based on a 1936' Bugatti Atlantic)

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There are a lot more "art & conceptual cars" at this link. Many are just add-on variations, except for few true masterpieces. One of such pinnacles of modding is, we think, -

"Carthedral" by Rebecca Caldwell

Gothic Cathedral 1971 Cadillac (with a VW Beetle somewhere on top of the hearse, as well) - complete with flying buttresses, stained glass pointed windows and gargoyles.


Dodge Tomahawk... Ultimate crotch rocket. See more here. Uber-Macho 2003 Concept from Daimler Chrysler. 500-horsepower Viper V-10 engine gives this beast a maximum speed of 656 km/h

"Wraith B120" & "Hellcat 2" from Confederate Motor Company:
(available for only $55,000)

"The Dolmette" German (Chainsaw) Bike

The man, sitting on the bike, is the famous German cartoonist "Broesel". Apparently 24 chainsaws generate a lot of power - however, the second model "New Dolmette" got even more power, with bigger chainsaw engines - being the racing version.

The original creation by Broesel - the "Red Porsche
Killer", with 4 original Horex-Engines in a row.

Flying Car

What happens if you cross a gyrocopter with a car and a motorbike? John Bakker, a Dutch entrepreneur working closely with Spark design engineering, came up with a personal air and land vehicle, a solution to increasing congestion in modern cities.