2009 Hummer H3T

  • Competes with: Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline
  • Looks like: A Hummer truck
  • Drivetrain: 242-hp, 3.7-liter five-cylinder with five-speed manual or automatic or 300-hp, 5.3-liter V-8 with four-speed automatic
  • Hits dealerships: Late 2008

Hummer went out and did it — it's made a pickup version of the H3 SUV. The truck you see here will go on sale this year and test the waters to see if there's still a healthy market for Hummers. When the H3 debuted it saw healthy sales, but they've stalled lately as gas prices have risen. We wonder if the H3T will add a spark or fall flat.

As a product, the H3T is pretty interesting. It's a tad longer than the SUV to accommodate its five-foot bed, so it's positioned above midsize trucks but below full-sizes. Hummer hopes its offroad capability will help sell it, with standard full-time four-wheel drive and 32-inch tires. Front and rear locking differentials and 33-inch tires will be optional.

The rear seats fold flat to create a level surface, but we prefer truck seats that fold up, exposing a flat floor. The bed itself has a standard bedliner, a rail system and built-in storage compartments.

The H3T Alpha will top the range with a 300-horsepower V-8 engine, while the base model gets the 242-hp five-cylinder in the current range.

2008 AMD World Championship Results

Roger Goldammer's Goldmember
Goldmember by Roger Goldammer - 2008 Freestyle 1st place

2008 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike BuildingThe results are in for the 2008 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building held this past week in Sturgis. Some very familiar faces and names are trophy winners, foremost among them, Roger Goldammer with Goldmember took top honors in the freestyle class. Coming in 2nd was Hot Dock with StG Nautilus. 3rd place went to the rather interesting Seppster 2 Ice Racer from Tobias Guckel of TGS Motorcycles in Germany.

Metric 1st place went to Jim Giuffra of AFT Customs in Martell, California with Er Hed.

1st place in the production manufacturer class was Delaware American with their Tech Twin American 13c. 2nd place went to Nick Gale’s Little Miss Dynamite

Photos below:

Hot Dock StG Nautilus
Hot Dock’s StG Nautilus - 2008 Freestyle 2nd place

TGS Motorcycles Seppster 2 Ice Racer
TGS Motorcycles’ Seppster 2 Ice Racer - 2008 Freestyle 3rd place

AFT Customs Er Hed
AFT Customs’ Er Hed - 2008 Metric 1st place

Delaware American Tech Twin American 13c - 2008 production manufacturer 1st place
Delaware American’s Tech Twin American 13c - 2008 production manufacturer 1st place

The look of custom bikes is definitely changing. The bikes are still radical but some are actually functional, imagine that. Goldmember, the overall winner is a 164 mph, single cylinder, supercharged Bonneville racer. I’d call that functional. Even the builders that are reluctant to move in that direction have to see the writing on the wall for the non functional stretched garage art we’ve seen for far too long. Those builders can certainly continue on that course if they wish but the trend and their market are going elsewhere.