Harley Davidson XR1200 Released in U.S.

Harley Davidson XR1200

According to a dealer announcement, the Harley Davidson XR1200 will be released in the U.S. at the IMS show in Long Beach, California December 5th. Scott Parker and Kenny Coolbeth will be on hand for autographs and introduction. Looks like a total of 750 will be available.

XR1200 - DOM 1LA619 $11,079
Vivid Black $10,799

XR1200 - CAL 1LA639 $11,179
Vivid Black $10,899

Pre-orders can be placed for the first 750 models between 21 Nov 08 until 15 Dec 08 or when the first 750 models released have been claimed.

I guess Harley was listening after all. If you want one, it’s time to get to your Harley dealer with your checkbook.

Thanks to Chris for sending the first tip!

Harley Davidson XR1200

One more thought, when’s the last time you saw a Harley Davidson model depicted in an image like the one below showing the rider at speed on a sweeping section of road instead of on a slow cruise? This is definitely aimed at a different segment of the market.

Harley Davidson XR1200

via Badweatherbikers - among many others, the dealers are taking orders but HD is dragging its feet on the news release. It’s a very odd model introduction process in the U.S. It’s almost like they’re not sure it will sell so after they take the orders, they’ll say more. Either that or there’s a battle going on internally and this stealth intro is to prove it will actually sell here before making a big splash. As I said previously, they should have introduced this at the Indy Mile this year, it was the best logical place to bring it out. Interesting.


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