Hailwood Motorcycle Restorations

Hailwood Restorations Egli-Vincent

Hailwood Restorations Vincent engineWhile reading Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle, I came across a bit of business information I missed earlier this year. The very well known John Mossey Restorations is now Hailwood Motorcycle Restorations, named after its new owner, David Hailwood, son of Mike “The Bike” Hailwood.

Hailwood Restorations is the kind of shop I wish were somewhere around my neighborhood, if for no other reason than to stop by and ogle the bikes for sale and undergoing restoration. Their shop offers new Egli-Vincents, new Norvins and if you want to build your own creation or repower your old Black Shadow, you can purchase a new Vincent engine, too.

As long as shops like these exist, we’ll be sure to see the old machinery running and inspiring new generations with a style less often seen, these days. If you like the old classic British iron you might want to check them out.


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