Yacouba Galle’s Bestiale kit now available for the MV Brutale range

Stock MV Agusta Brutale not exclusive / expensive enough for you? Get Yacouba Galle's Brutale-based Bestiale, then! Er... yeah, well...

Few would try and ‘improve’ upon the MV Agusta Brutale’s styling. Designed by Massimo Tamburini and launched back in 2001, the standard Brutale isn’t bad looking at all. Not that that stopped Yacouba Galle from trying to make it look better…

A former journalist and a design enthusiast, Galle first showed the Brutale-based Bestiale in October last year. MV thought the bike wasn’t too bad and gave the project their blessings. And now, the Bestiale kit is available for the Brutale series, including the 750, 910, 989 and 1078 bikes.

What the Bestiale kit does, essentially, is replace the Brutale's soft, rounded contours with sharper, angular lines. Whether this really makes the bike look better is, we suppose, a matter of personal taste. Anyway, only a limited number of these kits are being made, and each will include a 15-litre carbonfibre fuel tank, carbonfible tail unit, headlamp, fairing, and front fender. For pricing and other details, visit Galle's website here

Download video!

A video of the Brutale-Bestiale, and its creator, Galle, in action...!


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