strange HONDA mr NAS

1999 HONDA design this superbike the name of this bike is:NAS stands for New American Sports ,the bike was intended to push the American super bike disign to the limit.
Begun late in '99, the NAS was intended to be, we're told, a project that no one expected to see in production in the near future, so many of the usual constraints--the most oppressive of which was time--were removed or relaxed. HRA senior designer, Tony Schroeder, explains, "With an advanced project like the New American Sports, we aren't forced to work under a cloud of urgency; we're free to take our time and think outside of established norms and push the limits. Unlike most advanced projects, however, our goal with the NAS was to not only create the image of a futuristic machine, but we also had the green light to take the bike to an unusually high degree of finish work. Part of our goal was to develop and perfect new methods of model construction, and to push motorcycle engineering concepts into the 'What if?'


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