Marisa Miller on Harley Davidson Muscle

Marisa Miller on the Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Harley Davidson is about to launch a series of ads for the V-Rod Muscle featuring supermodel Marisa Miller. What’s not to like?

Harley Davidson press release:

To emphasize the non-traditional pairing of sophisticated style and brute strength, Harley-Davidson chose to launch the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle in a distinctly non-traditional way—by teaming up with American Supermodel Marisa Miller in an innovative marketing campaign to introduce the latest addition to Harley-Davidson’s high-performance line of V-Rod motorcycles.

The new V-Rod Muscle features a powerfully sculpted new physique that exudes a contemporary and urban sense of style. The Muscle’s long, low profile and super wide rear tire are inspired by the drag strip, while the free-revving performance of the liquid-cooled Revolution V-Twin engine co-developed with Porsche give it an unmatched combination of power and sophistication.

More photos below:

“The V-Rod Muscle stands out in a crowd of copies and generic motorcycle profiles,” said Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Harley-Davidson. “It stretches the very definition of what it means to be a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.”

Partnering with American supermodel Marisa Miller is a perfect match. The V-Rod Muscle’s sculpted body and commanding physique complement Miller, who not only represents classic American beauty, but also strength and athleticism. Miller is best known for gracing the cover of many prominent publications, but she also represents the return of the great American Supermodel. Miller grew up around motorcycles in California and has a strong appreciation for Harley-Davidson.

“To represent such an iconic American brand is incredible,” said Miller. “I have grown up watching my dad and uncle ride Harleys. It’s amazing to circle back at this point in my career, and work with a brand I have so much respect for.”

Marisa Miller on the Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Like the bike itself, Harley-Davidson chose a distinctly non-traditional marketing campaign for the V-Rod Muscle. Starting Oct. 13, an ad campaign launches that shows Miller stretched atop a sleek, black V-Rod Muscle. The black background and distinct lighting capture the aggressive styling of the bike, contrasted by Miller, which brings the idea of American Supermodel to life. In lifestyle magazines such as GQ, Esquire, Complex, Road & Track and Trader, ads will make use of a new technology called SnapTell, which provides access to exclusive content upon photographing the ad with a mobile phone camera.

Marisa Miller on the Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

The campaign was pre-launched on Oct. 6 on Harley-Davidson’s official YouTube channel, with a “making of” video that takes viewers behind the scenes at the Marisa Miller V-Rod Muscle photo shoot ( Motorcycle bloggers and Harley-Davidson fans and friends on Facebook and MySpace were exclusively tipped off to the campaign. The video will also be available on which launches Oct.13.


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