Lexus IS 250C Debut in Australia

Lexus IS 250C has been showcased at the 2008 Australian International Motor Show. Based on the IS 250 platform, Lexus IS 250C features a three-piece folding roof made from lightweight aluminum that has an opening time of 21 seconds.

Lexus IS 250C will be powered by the 2.5-litre V6 engine that outputs 153kW and has a 0.29 drag coefficient, which is 0.2 more than the IS 250 sedan.

Unfortunately, no announcement released yet for the Lexus IS 250C price.

Lexus IS 250C Australia

Press Release
Straight from its worldwide debut at the Paris Motor Show, Lexus has revealed the all-new IS 250C coupe/convertible at the 2008 Australian International Motor Show.

Based on the IS 250 platform, the Lexus IS 250C features a lightweight three-piece folding roof structure, category-leading boot and rear occupant space, and superior noise suppression and wind turbulence properties.

Constructed entirely in lightweight aluminum, the new Lexus IS 250C’s three-piece folding roof boasts an impressive opening time of just 21 seconds.

Activated via a dash-mounted button, the quiet operating mechanism features a unique ‘roof brake’ feature which slows the closing of the hard top as it approaches the windscreen head - ensuring that the roof descends smoothly into place.

The entire roof headlining is trimmed in fabric, aiding noise suppression, comfort and aesthetics. Lexus IS 250C’s compact three-part folding roof mechanism affords the advanced new model large boot space and generous rear seat access, while a spacious rear passenger compartment is almost on a par with that of the four-door IS range.

Lexus IS 250C’s rear overhang was also increased by 50mm over the sedan. It combines with the compact roof to generate a significant increase in luggage space, allowing stowage of a nine-inch golf bag even with the roof down.

Lexus IS 250C Australia Photo

With the roof up, Lexus IS 250C’s steeply raked windscreen, smooth profile, aerodynamic under body and ‘duck tailed’ rear styling contributes to the convertible’s impressive 0.29 drag coefficient, just 0.2 more than the Lexus IS 250 sedan.

Lexus IS 250C’s aerodynamic body, use of acoustic glass and a roof sealing system ensure the convertible maintains Lexus’ high standards of noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) minimization and wind noise suppression, even at highway speeds.

Passenger comfort and safety were paramount for the engineering team, who paid particular attention to reducing turbulence in the cabin with the roof down at all speeds.

Safety goals saw extensive revisions to body structure and suspension components to afford Lexus IS 250C exceptional torsional stiffness and composed ride comfort - on par with the Lexus IS sedan.

The Lexus IS 250C also gains Lexus’ hallmark pre-crash, vehicle dynamics integrated management system and features a newly designed enlarged side airbag which provides head protection in the event of side impact.

The convertible body shell has also been equipped with additional energy absorbing side impact pads for both front and rear seat occupants.

Australian engineers also tested the vehicle locally for the impact of temperature, vibration and wind on the vehicle, along with the effectiveness of ventilation, dust and water sealing designs, ensuring Lexus IS 250C is the best possible product for the local market.

Lexus IS 250C Australia Picture

Lexus chief executive John Roca said that IS 250C was an important addition to the IS line

“For the first time in Lexus history we can now claim we have an IS range.

“IS 250C will join the soon-to-be-launched IS F and new IS 250 sedan to form a very strong backbone for the brand,” Mr Roca said.

“IS 250C has been developed to strict Lexus standards. Its superior NVH suppression, wind turbulence characteristics, ride comfort, interior space and versatility will set a new benchmark for convertibles in its class.

“It will also arrive at a time when practicality and versatility are driving purchase decisions. IS 250C consumers will not have to choose between sedan versatility and convertible enjoyment.

“Lexus is extremely excited about the addition of IS 250C to the local model line-up in the later half of 2009,” Mr Roca said.

Lexus IS 250C Australia Image

Lexus IS 250C will be powered by Lexus’ proven 153kW 2.5-litre V6 power plant mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The exterior will be distinguished by all-new body panels from the A-pillar back, unique LED tail lights, high-mounted stop light, revised front bumper styling and unique alloy wheels.

On board, the driver’s instrument binnacle has been extensively revised to increase open-topped motoring visibility. The instrument panel and surrounding components, as well as the steering wheel, are shared with the IS sedan range.


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