Fuel Cell Suzuki Crosscage Motor Bike

Add Suzuki to the list of motorized vehicle companies trying to reduce carbon emissions. At the Tokyo Motor Show this year, Suzuki introduced its hydrogen-powered Crosscage concept motorcycle. A hydrogen fuel cell powers an electric engine mounted in the rear wheel and it has front and rear mono-shocks. The power delivery was designed by Intelligent Energy from the UK, but the bike design is definitely Suzuki. If you’re looking for specs, there aren’t any yet because neither Suzuki nor Intelligent Energy have issued a press release.

Rumors are that the speedometer only goes to 100 mph – more than ample to you get from here to there – and many are saying that the bike looks likes more like X-Men than motorcycle. To me it looks smartly designed and simple, which may help to reverse the trend of late-model high-performance bikes, and the bike itself produces zero emissions. But there is always the consideration of the energy needed to create hydrogen and then sequester it in a usable form, and the fact that no country has a broad network of hydrogen filling stations.

Despite the drawbacks, the Crosscage represents a new coming of motorized travel that is pushing forward and away from carbon emissions at the personal level.


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