env Hydrogen Motorcycle Undergoing Changes

What’s happening with the eagerly anticipated env? According to its website, the UK-created hydrogen cell motorcycle will be undergoing changes before the bike is ready for commercialization. What sort of changes? Most likely on the engineering side to make it “even better to ride and even easier to build”.

“But don’t worry,” assures the site, “the cool design won’t change.” Which hardly soothes this observer. It’s touted in the press as the “the first bike to be designed from the fuel cell outwards”, which to me means they designed the fuel cell and let the aesthetic take a back seat. Which explains why the env looks so funky. Kind of like a scooter. But I’ll cut them some slack here, since its “almost clearly clean” emissions are clearly the vehicle’s selling point.

And who knows? Maybe when the bike does hit the street, its emissions will be even cleaner than “almost clearly”.

True, the env can run up to four hours without refueling the hydrogen tank. And it can be ridden by anyone who can operate a scooter. But to my eyes, it looks like a scooter. And if it weren’t for the fact that the env can be driven off-road, I might actually mistake it for a scooter.

But what do I know? The env may not be as macho to drive as your old hog, but it will ultimately cover less environmental miles while allowing you to cover more road and off-road ones. And I’d take that over a “cool design” any day.


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