New Moto Morini 1200 Sport and Scrambler shown

The new Moto Morini 1200 Sport...

We don’t know how many bikes they sell (probably not too many…) every year, but for a small Italian company, Moto Morini keep showing new bikes on a fairly regular basis. After the dual-purpose (?) Granpasso, which Moto Morini showed last year, the latest bikes to be added to the company’s lineup are the 1200 Sport and the Scrambler, both of which are based on the earlier 91/2.

...and the MM 1200 Scrambler!

The two bikes were first shown at the Padova Motorcycle Show last week, and we must say, they look quite all right. Both bikes are fitted with Moto Morini’s 1187cc v-twin, which makes about 117 horsepower. The chassis is from the 91/2, front forks are Marzocchi units, and 17-inch wheels (the Scrambler uses a 19-inch front) are from Excel. The 1200 Sport is fitted with sport-touring rubber, while the Scrambler rides on off-road tyres.

In our opinion, both the bikes look good – the 1200 Sport’s blue and orange paintjob is reminiscent of Ford’s classic GT40 racecar, while the Scrambler’s more subdued black and white paintscheme looks good in a restrained, low-key way. Prices for the two bikes are yet to be announced, though production is expected to begin in March this year.


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