Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X UK Price and Specs

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Car Picture
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X UK price and specs has been announced today by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X price for the UK market starts at 27,499 pounds for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-300 GS and goes as high as 37,999 pounds for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-360 GSR.

Powered by the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, The UK market Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X develops 295PS (290bhp) of power and 407Nm (300 lb.ft) of torque in standard form.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Car Picture

The new Lancer Evolution X is available in three main trim levels - the GS, GSR and GSR SST (Sports Shift Transmission).

Lancer Evolution X GS

The GS includes the following standard equipment:
5-speed manual gearbox
Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC)
S-AWC combines a number of 4WD component systems to enable high-precision control of the drive torque and brake force at each wheel, which enhances cornering and stability while increasing safety. These components include:

Active Centre Differential (ACD)
Active Yaw Control (AYC)
Active Stability Control (ASC)
Sport ABS
18� Enkei alloy wheels
Brembo braking system, including 2-piece front brakes
Eibach coil springs
Bilstein shock absorbers
HID Bi-Xenon headlamps with Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)
AFS is a lighting system that automatically turns on an additional lamp which follows the direction of the steering wheel turn to further enhance night-driving safety.

Recaro front seats
Bluetooth hands-free system
CD / Tuner with 6 speakers and MP3 compatibility
Leather sports steering wheel with audio controls
Aluminium bonnet, wings, roof and bumper beam
Driver, passenger, side and knee airbags
Privacy glass
Front fog lamps
ISO Fix child seating system
Automatic headlamp and wiper sensors
Remote central locking
CAT1 approved alarm / immobiliser
CAT5 approved tracker system + 1 year�s free subscription
This advanced stolen vehicle recovery system includes pan-European tracking coverage and
automatic driver recognition with a key card. An alert service is triggered when either system sabotage or an unauthorised movement of vehicle is detected. Finally, remote immobilisation prevents continued use of vehicle after theft.

Lancer Evolution X GSR

The GSR trim level improves even further on the excellent GS specification by providing the following additional items:

HDD satellite navigation system
30GB music server
Rockford Fosgate premium audio � 650watt output, 6 premium speakers + subwoofer
iPod / MP3 auxiliary input port
Personalisation of car set up (e.g. set your own preferences for windscreen wiper operation, interior light delays, auto-folding wing mirror options, etc).
Advanced vehicle data system: vehicle environment, altitude, direction, advanced trip computer, etc.

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Lancer Evolution X GSR SST

Finally, the GSR SST benefits from Mitsubishi�s stunning new 6-speed Twin Clutch SST (Sports Shift Transmission) gearbox with steering column mounted magnesium paddle shifters.

This advanced transmission puts odd (1st, 3rd, 5th) and even (2nd, 4th and 6th) gears on separate input shafts, each with its own clutch, and switches between these clutches to produce seamless and lightning-fast gear changes in either fully automatic or manual transmission modes.

A switch located at the base of the gear selector allows the driver to choose between Normal, Sport and Super Sport modes for optimum shifts in a wide variety of situations ranging from urban driving to maintaining a tight line on a winding road.

And because Twin Clutch SST uses clutches rather than a torque converter to transmit power it benefits from improved efficiency and better fuel economy.

Full specification details for the entire Lancer Evolution X range are detailed in the associated specification sheet accompanying this release.


In addition to an array of electronic wizardry to transfer every ounce of raw power to the road, whilst maintaining maximum control and road-holding, the next generation Evolution X comes packed with other safety features. These include a stiffer body with a 40% improvement in torsional rigidity over the previous version and other safety features include front, side, curtain and knee airbags, which are fitted to all variants as standard.


With the launch of the new Lancer Evolution X, the respected iron block 4G63 engine used in the previous models has been replaced with a much improved 4B11 2.0 liter turbocharged engine.

Developing 295PS (290bhp) of power and 407Nm (300 lb.ft) of torque in standard form, this new engine utilizes continuously variable valve timing technology (MIVEC) on both the intake and exhaust camshafts to develop more power over the full rev range.

12kg lighter than the older 4G63, the 4B11 uses a die-cast aluminium cylinder block, head cover and chain case. The adoption of a rearward facing exhaust manifold layout has, as well as improving exhaust efficiency, allowed the engine to be mounted lower, which has in turn lowered the centre of gravity and improved the handling characteristics.

The use of this technically advanced engine has also improved emissions performance and fuel economy.

Power Upgrades by HKS

As with the previous Evolution models, the Lancer Evolution X is available in a range of power upgraded variants. Both FQ-330 and FQ-360 HKS power upgrades are available from launch on manual transmission variants only.

The FQ-330 model utilises a breathing kit[1] and ECU re-map to achieve the additional extra performance, while the FQ-360 benefits from a further ECU re-map, new fuel pump assembly and additional standard items, such as carbon lip spoiler, vortex down-force generator, sports meter kit and premium leather seats with techno suede fabric inserts.

Full power output and torque figures will be published shortly.


The Evolution X range is available in the following colours:

Cool Silver (Metallic)
Lightning Blue (Pearlescent)
Orient Red (Metallic)
Pearl White (Pearlescent)
Phantom Black (Pearlescent)

Note: Metallic paint is included in the standard price.

Price list

�27,499 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-300 GS
�30,499 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-330 GS
�35,499 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-360 GS
�29,999 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-300 GSR
�32,999 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-330 GSR
�37,999 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-360 GSR
�31,999 - Lancer Evolution X FQ-300 GSR SST

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Car Picture


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