Lotus Eigne Concept Car

Lotus Eigne concept car was designed to be more practical than the usual vehicles from Lotus, like the Lotus Exige and Lotus Elise.

Lotus Eigne concept car was designed by a 2008 graduate of the Transportation Design Course at Northumbria University, England - David Fearnley.

Lotus Eigne is based around a 1+3 seating layout, with the driver in a central position, the Lotus Eigne can accommodate 3 adults and one baby seat. A spacious luggage area can be accessed through the rear hatch at the rear.

Lotus Eigne Concept Car

Due to the power source, Lotus Eigne concept has such a large amount of interior space. In-wheel electric motors drive all four wheels (with a RWD bias for sportier handling), and require no space inside the chassis of the car. The batteries are sandwiched in-between the floorplan to reduce the center of gravity and keep them cool.

Lotus Eigne Concept Car Front

Inside the Lotus Eigne - which is entered via large doors which cut into the roof to help access to the central drivers seat - is a modern and stylish cabin with carbon fibre seats and just a few hints at the cars electric power source. Including a circuit board design on the floor panels and a battery shaped logo.

Lotus Eigne Concept Car Interior

Lotus Eigne concept’s body is designed to provide a high degree of downforce over the entire car. At the front a large wing is discreetly formed into the bodywork.

Lotus Eigne Concept Car Picture

The airflow around the car is channeled over the roof and at the rear of the car it is met with a subtle lip spoiler on the rear hatch - just above the smoked taillight panel.

Lotus Eigne Concept Car Photo

In an effort to improve performance, reduce weight and increase strength, the body of the Lotus Eigne is formed from carbon fibre. This sits atop a bonded aluminium chassis which incorporates the passenger compartment.

Lotus Eigne Concept Car Gallery


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