Kia SOUL Burner Concept Car

Kia will unveiled three Kia SOUL concepts at the Geneva Motorshow in March. Kia SOUL Burner is one of them. The first teaser shot of the Kia SOUL Burner also released by Kia. These new concepts will show Kia’s fun direction. The Kia SOULs preview a future production model that is promised to not fit in the usual brackets of the motor industry.

Kia SOUL Burner Concept Car

Three SOUL concepts to reveal �fun� side of Kia

Defying traditional automotive classification, three new SOUL concept cars to be unveiled by Kia at the Geneva Show on 4 March, will reveal a whole new individual and fun direction for the Korean brand.

The trio of concepts are closely related to an upcoming production model that doesn�t fit into the usual motor industry brackets and will encourage a whole new breed of Kia customers to build an emotional bond with their new car and with the brand.

The SOUL concepts will introduce �a world of possibilities� for customizing and personalization to
future Kia customers that will be delivered by the new model with its special appeal to the young-at-heart � whatever their age!

The SOUL Burner (shown here) is the �bad boy� of the concept trio complete with satin black finish and gloss dragon tattoos.


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