HUMMER H3 for Ladies

The last advertising campaign for the HUMMER H3 moves away from the usual market and targets the ladies segment. The HUMMER H3 wants to attract more of the fairer sex by getting painted in 10 spectacular custom colors from Tough Cookie Lilac to Side Kick Pink.

Considering that the ‘J’ factor is usually high among women, this campaign is surely going to give women a proud feeling of owning a vehicle in a color which will immediately get the attention of onlookers.

The interior of these custom painted HUMMER H3 SUVs matches the exterior with color coded seat buckets and center console.

HUMMER H3 for Ladies

According to Jane McMorrow, a housewife, her new Lilac H3 is not just a vehicle anymore but her most adorable possession that gives her an upper edge over others while she is on the road. It is more of dream-come- true. . “When I first chose to change my car, I told my husband that I wanted a pink HUMMER. Two weeks later, I was the owner of this beautiful Lilac model and now I can’t stop flaunting it”, says an excited Jane.

“HUMMER H3 ‘Paint me with your dream color’ campaign gives the power to our female customers who want their vehicle to be different from others. We are delighted to provide them with a car that not just meet their needs but also fulfills their desire to be different”, comments Johnny Amiouni, Marketing Manager for HUMMER at General Motors Middle East.

HUMMER H3 for Ladies


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