E-Vade Racing Car

E-Vade Racing Car Picture

E-Vade Racing Car is an Australian built race car that will be premiered at the Melbourne International Motor Show. This E-Vade racing car was created by Lieutenant Commander David Walter - the ship’s engineer for the Anzac class frigate HMAS Ballarat.

E-Vade Race Car

Built on a mild steel space-frame chassis clad in fiberglass, The E-Vade racing car has weighs just 950 kg in road-going form and 900 kg for the track version. Powered by a longitudinal Nissan V6 engine, E-Vade Racing Car develops 300 kW in the road car and more than 500 kW on the track car.

E-Vade Racing Car

The engine for this E-Vade Racing Car is coupled with a five-speed transaxle and a high-performance gearbox manufacturer by Albins Off Road Gear.
This racing car also equipped with a hydraulic jacking system which can lift the whole car about 20 cm at the press of a button. The E-Vade has already ‘met’ the track in testing at the VACC Park in Port Melbourne.

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