450cc Super Singles Will Race at Mid Ohio

450cc Super Single racer

The 450cc Super Singles class will be racing at Mid Ohio, September 19-21. The new class is made up of road racing bikes that started life as 450cc MX bikes which are then transformed into lightweight, single cylinder racers.

We’ve written about this new class before and it looks like it’s about to hit the track. This could be interesting.

From the AMA press release:

AMA Sports, the amateur racing arm of the AMA, is proud to welcome Gavin Trippe and his 450cc super singles to the AMA Sports Road Race Grand Championships, set for September 19-21 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. The 450cc super singles showcase an exciting new breed of road-racers that are powered by 450cc four-stroke engines sourced from top-line motocross bikes and streamlined with custom fairings.

Trippe, a driving force behind the new race bikes, will be on hand as part of the event. A member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, Trippe is regarded as the founder of the Superbikers event in the 1970s, which pitted racers from numerous motorcycle racing disciplines against each other on tracks that included elements of motocross, road racing and dirt track.

“We are excited to have Gavin Trippe and his amazing super singles race bikes at the AMA Sports Road Race Grand Championships,” said Anthony Grilli, National Technical Manager for AMA Sports. “With the core of modern motocross machinery and wrapped in MotoGP-inspired composites, these bikes are a thrill to watch as they battle for track supremacy.”

“When I hatched the idea for the super singles, it was at Mid-Ohio in 2006,” Trippe said. “I was watching some supermoto bikes going around and I thought to myself, ‘Those things are flying!’ That’s where it all started. Now, to be going back to Mid-Ohio with the next generation of these bikes, at an event such as the Road Race Grand Championships, it’s exciting.”


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