2008 Triumph Global Dealer Meeting

Bonneville Room

Sunday, July 20:

2010 Triumph Thunderbird The 2009 motorcycle line has just been shown to the worldwide network of Triumph dealers at the Global Dealer Meeting here in Birmingham, England, currently in session. 2009 changes and updates add to the diversification of the Triumph brand, especailly with the 2010 Thunderbird shown today as well. Although the details are 6 months away from finalization, the 2010 Thunderbird is indeed a 98 cubic inch (1,600cc) vertical twin. And while it's a cruiser in style, the chassis geometry suggests excellent handling. No MSRP has been set for any country. Production is slotted to start in the summer of 2009.

2009 Triumph Street Triple R The new 2009 StreetTriple R features 3 way adjustable front forks and rear shock, plus radial front brake calipers and taper style bars. The Matte Graphite colour is a stunner.

After three years of winning comparison tests, the Daytona 675 gets 3 extra HP for 2009, mono-block front brake calipers and a new fairing & face. Absolutely superb upgrades to an already excellent motorcycle.

2009 Triumph Daytona 675 The 2009 Scrambler comes in Gloss Black or Matte Kahki Green. The bike photographed has an Arrow exhaust. Really cool. The Bonneville line has gone through changes as well. All now have EFI. The Thruxton now has ace style handlebars that are just what the bike needed, I think. We'll be stocking this handlebar for Bonneville owners looking for something lower than stock Bonneville bars, yet higher than clip-ons. Our Absolute Bonnevile Rambler delivery bike needs these. The T100 remains the same, and a limited production 50th Anniversary Bonneville will compliment the line, but only 650 of the 50th will be created to commemerate the 650cc size of the original 1959 Bonnie. This means something like one per dealer in the world, but deposits will actually determine which dealers get one or not. We've already sold ours.

50th Anniversary Triumph Bonneville T100 Quantity 650 is the guaranteed number. Less than 20 in Canada. The new for 2009 Bonneville SE has 17" cast wheels replicating late seventies, early eighties wheels, a lower seat, new exhaust and a new front brake rotor. The 2009 MSRP will be announced in November for all these bikes. This is a fantastic range of motorcycles. An interesting point was made at this meeting regarding annual worldwide production vs. the heydays of the 1950 - 1960 Triumph motorcycles. Triumph is now producing more motorcycles today than any year in its history; thus, this is the new Golden Age for Triumph.


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