BMW Alpina D3 Coupe

BMW Alpina D3 Coupe has been launched today in the UK. Based on the 123d model, the BMW Alpina D3 Coupe has been tuned to develop 214hp and 450 Nm of torque.

With these figures, the BMW Alpina D3 Coupe gets an overall power-to-weight ratio of 146hp per tonne, which matches the BMW 330d Coupe’s performance.

The BMW Alpina D3 Coupe has a top speed of 152 mph, and will gets from 0 to 62 mph in 6.9 seconds. The CO2 emissions level from the BMW Alpina D3 Coupe is 143g/km for the manual gearbox model with the fuel consumption at 52.3mpg.

The BMW Alpina D3 Coupe price will start at £32,950 for the manual gearbox model and the price will goes up at £34,540 for the automatic version.

BMW Alpina D3 Coupe

The factor with which the new BMW Alpina D3 Coupe is best compared to its rivals is its Power-To-Weight ratio; an equation commonly applied in motor sport. But, with heavily increased personal taxation designed to encourage energy saving and lowered emissions, the calculation is assuming wider relevance to drivers - especially those in the select niche at which this latest ALPINA is aimed.

As epitomised by the BMW Alpina D3 Coupe, gaining extra performance simply by substituting a larger engine is alien to the ALPINA philosophy. Instead, the manufacturer, working closely with BMW, maximises the sporting potential of existing units.

ALPINA engineers have taken BMW’s state-of-the-art twin turbo diesel engine from the 123d and increased power to 214hp; producing more horsepower per liter than any other engine in a current BMW or BMW ALPINA road car.

‘Added lightness’ makes a significant further contribution to the remarkable figures achieved by the new model.

The extra power, lightness of the engine, plus additional weight saving technology means an overall power-to-weight ratio of 146hp per tonne – virtually matching BMW’s own 330d Coupe.

The car is capable of 152mph and 0-62mph in 6.9 secs and yet the official fuel consumption and emission figures tell a very different story: 52.3mpg (overall EU) and 143g/km! (manual gearbox version).

This year, around one hundred lucky UK drivers will get all the performance and exclusivity they would expect from an ALPINA but with running costs (and, for company car drivers, benefit in kind charges) they could only dream of, until now.

ALPINA GB, part of the Sytner Group, has been the sole UK importer for ALPINA since 1983. ALPINA has worked closely with BMW since 1961, with shared warranty coverage since 1964. ALPINA was registered as an automobile manufacturer to ISO standards in 1983.


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