Wahnsinn Alternative Power Concept by Motorepublic

Wahnsinn concept motorcycle by Motorepublic

Once you begin looking at the future of motorcycle design, new ideas come flying at you pretty fast. Jiro Arborgh, Design Manager for Motorepublic, a design studio in Goteborg, Sweden, thought we might like to see what they’ve been up to. The concept shown here is called Wahnsinn. It’s not powered by an internal combustion engine and the powerplant isn’t specified, though, a fuel cell scooter concept elsewhere on their site suggests they may be thinking along those lines and the rear hub area looks like an electric motor might be in there, the front hub, too, now that I look at it.

While Wahnsinn is shown with a BMW tag, and they have a note on their site that BMW is one of their clients, there may be no relation here except as a design exercise, then again, this may show potential future thinking for the German firm.

Whatever the case, this particular design focuses on centralized mass and an upright riding style. If this is to be a fuel cell powered motorcycle, it brings a style that would make it appealing to a lot of bikers. Alternative powered designs, if they are going to be accepted by riders looking for something new, should have an attention grabbing appeal, something a few alternative power concepts have been lacking in my opinion, the original ENV hydrogen fuel cell concept for instance.

This looks to be is in the design and model stage, nothing that actually moves but I like it. They have a number of other interesting design studies on their site, too.

Wahnsinn concept motorcycle by Motorepublic


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