Cosmo Trike

Cosmo Trike

Cosmo TrikeJust spoke to Jason over at Olmax Fabrication about their new Cosmo trike. If you’ve seen the Big Wheel trikes the kids ride, just picture one that’s very well built, quite a bit larger and motorized and you’ll have an idea of what the Cosmo looks like.

It has a fiberglass body, air ride suspension, a 24 inch front wheel and automotive wheels and tires out back. It’s designed to fit anyone from 5 foot even all the way up to 6 foot 4 inches which, I would imagine, covers the majority of riders .

They sourced a number of automotive engine parts from various locations around the world and built up a 2 cylinder vertical twin, added a Garrett turbo, hooked it up to a 4 speed automotive transmission with reverse and built this 3 wheeler. Power is around 70 horsepower and Jason says he can easily cruise at highway speeds all day long. It’s no racer but it will hold its own with the usual V-twin crowd.

The engine is water cooled but the grill up front is a little misleading because that isn’t where the radiator is located, it’s out back below the trunk. The engine itself is covered by the side panels because, just like many inline 4s, it isn’t pretty, it’s functional. Normal replacement parts like air and oil filters will be available most anywhere, though engine parts will need to be ordered from the factory or from a dealer. Base model starts at $17,900


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