Beowulf |2007|DvDrip|Xvid

In Denmark, A.D. 507, the realm of King Hrothgar is threatened by the
tormented demon Grendel that attacks the locals in their celebrations.
The Danish king offers a reward for the death of the creature,
attracting to Herot the brave Geet warrior Beowulf that seeks for
glory. After a fierce battle, Beowulf defeats the demon and after
receiving an old relic as reward, he finds his men slaughtered in the
party saloon of the castle. King Hrothgar advises that the Grendel's
mother was the responsible for the bloodshed and Beowulf chases her in
the lake where she lives. The creature takes the form of a seductive
woman and seduces Beowulf with a promise of becoming an invincible and
wealthy king if he makes love to her and gives his golden relic to her.
Years later, King Beowulf feels the aftermath of his sin.

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