Launch after in 2008

Mr Ratan Tata’s individualized hunt has condemned a Brobdingnagian travel nervy today at the New metropolis Auto Expo in Bharat with the unveiling of the Tata Nano, otherwise famous as the people’s automobile or Rs 1-Lakh car. Later this assemblage the Tata Nano module be acquirable in Amerindic showrooms for purchase, pricing is aimed at 1 Lakh (1 lakh is 100,000 rupees; Euro 1,740; USD 2,550)

Mr Tata said at the show: “I observed families sport on two-wheelers – the ascendant dynamical the scooter, his teen banter stagnant in face of him, his spouse sitting behindhand him retentive a lowercase baby. It led me to astonishment whether digit could conceptualise of a safe, affordable, all-weather modify of instrumentation for much a family. We are bright to inform the People’s Car to Bharat and we wish it brings the joy, feel and programme of owning a automobile to some families who requirement individualized mobility.”

The Tata Nano measures 3.1 meters in length, 1.5 meters panoramic and 1.6 meters high, has plentitude of connector clearance and is a lowercase large than a sharp car. The US is not probable to ever wager the Tata Nano on the roads, nor is Western Europe, instead the people’s automobile is most probable to be marketed in bottom-of-the-pyramid countries, ie Africa, South East Asia, Eastern aggregation and dweller America.

The Tata Nano is supercharged by a two-cylinder, all-aluminium 623cc multi-point shot engine producing 33 hp and runs on gasoline. The automobile is rear-engined and has rear-wheel-drive and module be acquirable as either a accepted or wealth help with plentitude accessories and embody colouration options.

The Tata Nano was fashioned by Italy’s Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering but Mr Ratan Tata, a drilled creator with a liking for artful consumer goods, stayed in the wrap during the process.http://www.autocarsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/tata-nano5.jpghttp://www.autocarsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/tata-nano2.jpghttp://www.autocarsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/tata-nano1.jpghttp://www.autocarsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/tata-nano6.jpg


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